Heal-Yourself is a 3 month commitment to your wellbeing

It’s 1:1 and you have me as your personal coach

How do I know this is for me?

This is for womxn / female-identifying folks who desire becoming more of themselves & taking up space in their life, yet perfectionism, self-judgement, and a fear of failing have gotten in their way.

  • You’re afraid of disappointing other people and not meeting external expectations.

  • You’re tired of trying to be perfect, and are ready to start exploring what your true desires are. 

  • You desire to feel really supported by yourself and others.

Why “Heal-Yourself”?

I’ve named this “Heal Yourself” as my mission is to empower YOU as the ultimate healer of your life. As a coach, I collaborate with you, I don’t “heal” you. You are actually doing all the healing work yourself and will come away from these 3 months with tools to support yourself as you continue your healing journey.

I’ll hold the brave and supportive space for you to heal.

the details:

  • 3-month commitment with 6 sessions biweekly (that’s about two sessions a month so there’s time to let the realizations and the work to integrate into your everyday life)

  • We’ll tap into tarot, the moon, thought-work, dream-work, and other supports throughout our journey together (as necessary).

  • Sessions are 60-minutes long

  • Exchange for this offering is $480 CAD

  • Sliding scale & payment plans are available — reach out via email (jordyn.fitz@gmail.com) or DM to inquire.

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the nitty gritty of it

Who I work with

  • I work with people who are ready to dive deep into the real-life-ness that is being human, with all the messy yet beautiful feelings that are involved in that. People who are willing to show up as their full self, wherever they’re at.

  • I work with people who want to discover and pursue their own desires. People who wish to feel and see the depth of their capacity.

  • I work with people who are ready to stop treating their life and themselves as a problem to be fixed. They’re often wondering what other approach there could be besides pushing themselves to be better & reading all the self-help books they can get their hands on. They’re not sure what that would look like, but they’re ready to explore.


My Coaching Philosophy

  • You are the expert on your life, body, everything. I am here to help guide you in trusting that.

  • You are not a problem to be fixed. You are a human being -- imperfect, messy, and real. Your imperfections are guides to your truth, so long as we can sit and be with them for a moment.

  • The best way to speed up is to slow down.

My Coaching Style

Warm, compassionate, slow, and intuitive.

Rooted in self-compassion, vulnerability, and tapping into the wisdom of your body.

A supportive + brave space.

We will go deep together. I’m not here to fix problems or help you achieve certain outcomes. We will work together to feel into what your truth is, and what’s blocking it in the present moment. We will work together to honour whatever you’re moving through right now.

Questions? Ask Away!

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Please note:

While these coaching sessions can be deeply healing–they are no substitute for professional therapy. I cannot provide crisis or mental health support. I am trauma-informed in that I understand from experience and personal study how trauma feels, impacts us, and shapes our experiences, but cannot provide trauma therapy.

Coaching is not therapy or psychoanalysis and is not to be used in lieu of professional legal, financial, or medical advice.