Spring 2019 Zine Pack

Spring 2019 Zine Pack


Four zines sold together. Printed in Sudbury, ON on recycled paper.

Feel Your Fear:

  • Questions around fear — what we’re taught about it, what we do with it, how we relate to it, and potential new ways to care for it. It’s a poetic reflection that includes illustrations & a mind-body exercise to communicate with your fear.

How Can I Feel Safe:

  • This zine is a personal reflection on the journey to feeling safe again — in our bodies and in this world. Includes thoughts on the process of remembering our bodies after disassociating, examples of what conditions of safety are. Covers boundaries & releasing control.

All the love I can give myself:

  • A love letter. This zine is meant to serve as a reminder of your inherent worth. A 16-page, illustrated love letter to you — the you who is already imperfectly perfect as you are.

You’re Too Sensitive:

  • A reminder of your superpower, and a reflection of the hurt we experience living in a patriarchal + capitalist society. This zine is made for those who’ve felt like there’s no space for them in this world because of their sensitivity.


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