Letters to Artists (June 2019 Batch)

Letters to Artists (June 2019 Batch)


Letters to Artists: Snail Mail for the Creative is a fun project I'm starting where I send out letters to artists around the globe.

June 1st 2019 I’m sending out the first batch of mail. 
You’ll receive a letter from me in the mail that will guaranteed include pretty handlettering and will talk about something related to art… I don’t fully know what it’ll be yet but I promise it’ll be something fun. Think of this as a community newsletter for creative human beings.   

This idea blossomed out of a desire to share in more meaningful, connection-building, mental-wellness-promoting ways. It's an experiment.

Sign up before May 24th to get in on this first batch of letters! 

Shipping is included in the $5 CAD price. People from all over the globe are welcome to sign up!

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