7: How are you feeling?

Happy Thursday y'all! 

This week's episode is a heavy one 'cause it's all about feelings. Heavy in a beautiful, heart-opening kind of way. It's an inside look into what "feeling your feelings" really entails, and how it's been really difficult for me to do that the past few weeks. 

I'm sharing this because I know:

I'm not unique in the fact that I resist my feelings.

I judge my feelings sometimes. If you’re someone who apologizes when you cry, you’re likely judging your feelings, too. 

In this conversation, I dive into...

  • Why avoiding and resisting your feelings doesn’t work, and how I've been doing that the past few weeks

  • Staying with your difficult feelings so you can feel the beautiful ones more fully, and my experience doing this

  • Finding the things that feel supportive to you, and my current list of supports 

  • How to "climb back into your body" because most people aren't paying attention to how their body feels, and our bodies are really wise

  • Asking your friends to check in with you, and why I'm asking mine to do that 

Thank you, as always, for listening. I'm so thankful to have this channel to share my weird thoughts. 

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