3: The Blame Game: why we do it & what's really happening

Photo by Danielle Provencher

Photo by Danielle Provencher

You caught me! I'm a recovering blame-er. 

Like, big time. I used to blame people all the time (mostly my husband, Scott). For anything and everything. And I didn't even notice it.

I still do - by no means am I perfect. BUT, given the severity of my blame-y-ness, and how "bad" it got, I've got some major insight into why we blame and how we can start moving away from this habit. 

Tune in to hear:

  • How bad my blame-y-ness got (up until my wedding day & beyond) 
  • How canker sores and blaming are linked
  • Why we blame people for things 
  • What blaming is trying to tell you / show you 

I've got to thank Kate Northrup, the late Louise Hay, and Brene Brown for their tips & tools mentioned in this podcast. And of course, Barbara Erochina, for holding space for me as I navigated this topic a few months back. 

Episode 3: The Blame Game: why we do it & what's really happening 

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