4: Period-Talk, the Moon, and the Energy of Spring


This episode is about the energy of springtime and new beginnings. Spring Equinox was just a few days ago, and now’s the perfect time to chat about how we’re transitioning from the depths of winter into the aliveness of spring. In talking about seasons, we also talk about the moon cycles and period cycles. 

In this conversation, we dive into...

  • Honouring / letting go of things, so you can make space for new beginnings
  • How the seasons, the moon, and your period are all connected 
  • Why I started tracking my period phases (not just bleeding time) and the moon phases, and how you can too

Mentioned in the show: 

  • My Flo app (to track your cycle)
  • Flo Living by Alissa Vitti - a great resource to begin learning about your cycle
  • Email me (jordyn.fitz@gmail.com) if you’d like a copy of the webinar recording I did earlier this week! It’s all about how to put a price on your products/services 

Tell me in the comments below: What's it like to talk about your period with other people? 

Episode 4: Period-talk, the moon, and the energy of spring

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