1: Let's Cross This Bridge Together (ft. Scott Denniston)

Photo by me - Trans Canada Trail in Sudbury, ON

Photo by me - Trans Canada Trail in Sudbury, ON

For those of you who are new here...

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This *was* The Jordyn & Scott Show. My husband (Scott) and I started this podcast last June 2017.


We talked about mindfulness in money, marriage, relationships, and other areas of our life. 


Our first season ended September 2017. We gave ourselves a break to move cities and settle into our new home. 

And now a shift is happening...


This Episode - the first episode of Season 2 - is our bridge. From one show to another. 

The Jordyn & Scott Show is transforming into something new.  A new beginning. One that's blossoming in front of your eyes.

We're calling it Taking Up Space


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This season is about transformation

And February is the perfect month to cross this bridge. 

The earth is cold, deep, hidden under snow. Lindsay Mack says: 

February is traditionally a month that serves a powerful purpose...it is a bridge... ushering us from the cold of Winter to the breath of Spring.

Photo by me - Wisdom of the Trees

Photo by me - Wisdom of the Trees

Let's go for a walk

I have a deep desire to  T A K E  U P  S P A C E  in my life. And I know that by crossing this bridge with you, I'll be one step closer to spaciousness. 

Do you feel it? If you have that same desire - to take up space in your life - I'm welcoming you to cross this bridge with me. Because this isn't easy. It's hard.

It's hard to show up as your full self in your life.
It's hard to reveal pieces of yourself to the world. 
It's hard to step into your light. 

So we need to do this together. 

Episode 1: Let's Cross This Bridge Together

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