Change Me Poster Set

Change Me Poster Set


“These are the prayers I used to gain back my foundation, after I felt like I’d lost myself. Everyday. I’d look at them on my bathroom mirror every morning to remind myself. And gradually, I became that person. I changed my thoughts! ”

If you catch yourself saying:

  • "Oh, you didn't have to!"
  • "I can't accept that!"
  • "I can't do that"
  • "I'm not good enough"
  • "FML" 

These prayers are for you.

Start changing your thoughts, and enliven your life with new beliefs:

  • I receive fully and gratefully 
  • I'm worth it
  • I'm MORE than enough
  • There's so much beauty in my life
  • I count my blessings everyday 

More about the poster set: 

  • Beautifully designed with colours to make any room pop
  • A digital download, so you can instantly print them off and use them in your home
  • Inspired by the popular Change Me Prayers by Tosha Silver
  • Handlettered and digitized by Jordyn Fitzgerald
  • 3 posters in each set: "Receive", "Worthy", and "Grateful" 
  • Sized 8.5 x 11" to make printing at home easy
  • Also available in black & white to fit in any space
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