The Daily Practice


DailyPractice Yesterday was an icky day.

It was cloudy. I stared at a computer screen for most of the day. I was all up in my head. I had a huge headache by midday. I was worrying about the future.

Not so fun.

These days used to happen often, and they used to get to me.

University was full of them: curling up in a ball on my bed, cancelling calls and meetings, missing class, resorting to the Netflix-Facebook-Twitter binge that would numb the world for me. I'd basically give up on the day.

I knew better, though. I knew what I was supposed to be doing to make me happier. But, I was too busy blaming everyone else for these downfalls. Too busy "being busy".

Taking accountability for my actions was the first step in the right direction. If I wasn't going to take care of myself, who was?

Skipping breakfast? Not a good call. Rushing out the door in the morning? Another bad call. No screen-free breaks? Come on, Jordyn...

It's really not a surprise that yesterday was icky. My actions were all out of whack.

Anytime I have a bad day like that now, I remind myself of James Altucher's Daily PracticeThe image up above is my desktop background - a touchstone I use throughout the day to evaluate how I'm doing. If I'm feeling off, I'll do something to boost me back up.

Today was another opportunity to take accountability. Starting today well-rested, with a 6:30am yoga class was the perfect start. Driving home afterwards, listing off things I'm grateful for: the sunrise tinting the snow, the moon still falling from nighttime, my breath, the clean air... Then, nourishing myself with a protein-filled smoothie for energy for the day.

Sure, I still got sidetracked throughout the day. But, I always had this practice to go back to. It made today a beautiful day.


(PS. Feel free to download that image up above & set it as your desktop background!) :)