It's all temporary


Where does time go? It disappears, but makes sure to leave tracks on your soul to remind you it was there.

Time is limited; therefore, precious.

Sometimes, it seems we have too much of it. When you're enduring a painful activity, like a challenging workout, it may feel like time will never end. You wish it would speed up to save you from the pain.

Yet, we also have too little time. When you're enjoying a pleasurable activity, like listening to a concert, it often feels like time is rushing by. You wish it would slow down so that you could savour the moment.

In those painful and pleasurable moments, just think: "it's all temporary". Though that may sound depressing, it's really not. It's a humbling reminder of how lucky you are to even have those moments: painful or pleasurable. They will be gone in a blink of an eye. So, choose to immerse yourself in those moments while you can. Gratitude is time's blessing.