Having a resilient mind


How you think about your situation is the key to improving it.

Last night, this struck me.

I need to change how I'm thinking about my life.

I've been feeling stuck, and that can only mean I've been thinking I'm stuck.

am I stuck?

I've been monitoring my thoughts this week, and here are some of the thoughts I observed:

  • I'm stuck in Sudbury
  • I don't want to live at home
  • I'm far away from my friends
  • I'm disappointing my friends and family
  • I have no friends
  • I'm surrounded by people who are stuck
  • I'm not happy
  • I want to move out
  • I don't have enough personal space
  • I want my own space
  • I'm not doing my best
  • I could be doing way better
  • I don't work hard enough
  • I'm wasting my life
  • I'm wasting my time
  • I'm too reliant on others

Not the happiest of lists.

But I want to change this. I know, deep down, that my situation is not that bad. I'm only perceiving it this way.

I'm not stuck!

So I need to start thinking differently.

These are the thoughts I want going through my head:

  • I am happy
  • I'm spending quality time with my family
  • I'm learning about my roots
  • I'm helping my community
  • I'm surrounded by people who are improving
  • I'm helping my family improve
  • I have lots of space to myself
  • I am temporarily living at home
  • I can¬†support myself
  • I have friends who care for me
  • I work to improve myself everyday
  • I work to help people everyday
  • I can ask others for help

Right now, I'm having trouble fully understanding how I should approach living at home, but that will come.

For now, this is a good start.

If you have any suggestions on where I should go from here, send me a note!