Getting out of bed in the morning


This morning, I got out of bed.

No, it's not an anomaly, but the fact that my wake up call was 2 hours earlier than normal is.

I've tried and tried and tried to get myself into a morning routine before. One where I wake up early and accomplish a ton of things that I would otherwise push to the side during my busy day. The issue has always been getting up early.

Typical Obstacles to Waking Up & What They Really Mean

Somehow, the same obstacles always get in the way:

1. My bed is too comfy

That voice inside your head is pretty evil, eh? You set that alarm for a reason, and now this voice is trying to tell you to hit snooze. This is when it's important to remember that you are not your thoughts. You can still decide to get up - you have control over that decision.

But, most people make decisions based on pain or pleasure. In the short term, sure, staying in bed seems more pleasurable. At the end of the day, though, when you haven't read that book, written that blog post, gone for that walk, done that weight training... the short term pleasure of a comfy bed will have done you no good.

By associating pleasure with your morning routine, you will be able to overcome this evil voice and get out of your comfy bed.

2. I'm too tired in the morning

In other words "I go to bed too late". At least, that was my real problem. It's a vicious cycle: I would get up late, rushed, run to class, be unprepared, stay up late to catch up, and on and on...

To break the cycle, you need to go to bed earlier than normal. I personally aim for 8 hours of sleep a night (your ideal amount of sleep may be different) - and I set my bedtime based on that.

Now, it's one thing to set a bedtime and an entirely different thing to follow it. I've found a few things you can do to help yourself get to sleep on time:

  • Associate pleasure with going to bed early by doing something you love - drink your favourite tea, read a good book, or write in your journal.
  • Shut off the electronics - (your e-reader is an exception!) It's easier said than done, I know, but it works wonders. This includes the TV! At least an hour before bed, turn off all electronics. No Facebook, no Modern Family, and no late night news. The hour before you sleep determines the quality of your sleep and the thoughts you reinforce in your subconscious.
  • Prepare for the morning - This coincidentally helps with getting up in the morning, as well. Every night before bed, my boyfriend decides what he's going to make for breakfast in the morning. He finds a new recipe and makes sure he has all the ingredients. By doing this, he's mentally preparing himself for his morning routine. And, it gives him a reason to stop doing busy-work and start getting ready for bed.

3. I'm not a morning person

This can be a totally valid reason. Some people's brains just work better at night than in the morning. But, this can also be a huge excuse [it was for me]. I'd challenge you to really give the morning routine a try before you embrace your inner night owl.

Give it a Try

So many things that normally get pushed to the side were finally accomplished in just 2 hours this morning (2 hours that I would normally be snoring through).

I tidied up, cooked breakfast, made tea, walked, listened to music, drank that tea... and now, I'm finishing this blog post. All before my normal wake-up time.

You can do it, just give yourself a chance. Break out of the cycle, and start by planning how you can start associating pleasure with your morning routine.