15 Life Lessons Inspired by James Altucher


This past week, I discovered James Altucher's blog. In the spirit of his suggestion to make lists, here's one on what I've learned from him so far. These are all paraphrased from memory, so apologies if I've misinterpreted! 

  1. Time is not money. It's way more important than money. You can always earn back $100, but not 10 minutes.
  2. The reason people feel compelled to respond to emails is because they have little self-compassion or self-worth. They think people will hate/dislike them if they don't reply.
  3. If you want someone to be your mentor, you must offer them value (ie. not a coffee). Something like a list of 10 ways to improve their business.
  4. Be grateful every day. It will give you peace and you'll live a better life.
  5. Make lists (like this) every day. Force yourself to make lists of 10 things. Do this for 3-6 months, and the ideas will just flow.
  6. If an idea from one of your lists isn't something you keep thinking about, let it be. Don't go back to your notes.
  7. Try to improve yourself 1% each week.
  8. Read works of great writers before you write (for inspiration).
  9. Be aware of the time where you have the opportunity to say no. Start to recognize those times. Only then will you be able to make a real decision.
  10. Explanations are draining of your energy. You do not owe anyone an explanation.
  11. All advice is autobiographical.
  12. Try to read only books.
  13. 200-500 books = one great mentor.
  14. Money is really a by-product of mastering your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
  15. Complaining, blaming, excuses are all a waste. Be filled with gratitude.

I strongly suggest you check out these posts of his. I admire how vulnerable his writing his, and hope he continues to write like this: