For the good of salmon kind


Scott & I just visited Bridal Veil Falls. The falls are in the middle of a beautiful island - Manitoulin Island (I basically grew up on this island in the summers of my childhood). I've visited these falls at least once every summer for the past ten years, but have never made it there during the fall. The changing colours of the leaves called Scott & I to the Island. We made the trip up from Sudbury. After a day of work, we drove to the falls to take photos of the stunning scenes. Low and behold, we get there and find hundreds of salmon flapping their way up the river.

I could've watched them for hours.

The determination it must take to hustle your way up that river... Oh. my. god. Swimming face-first into the flowing falls, with rocks hitting your belly every couple meters as you glide your way atop the shallow stream. Along the way, passing your salmon friends who were so close to making it... floating belly up on the rock you need to cross.

They do this every fall.

Swim (ahem... charge) up the river, lay their eggs, and then die.

And the selflessness involved is just amazing. They all swim up there... for what? In Scott's words, "for the good of salmon kind."


Something that confused us were the salmon we'd see fighting one another along the way. "Don't waste your energy!" I kept thinking. Scott thinks they do that because they're amphibians and don't naturally think of cooperation or collaboration as an option. It's sink or swim (literally) for these guys.

I wonder if more of them would make it up the river if they worked together somehow. I wonder if that would screw things up... if we'd have too many salmon laying eggs. I wonder what the point of all of it really is... and if the salmon have ever thought that too. What's the point of all their hard work? Is it really for the good of salmon kind?

Maybe its just life, doing the same thing over and over again, creating habits out of nature and seeing if one day the world is better for it.