Episode 2: Building Wealth, Avoiding Money, and Taking Yourself on Money Dates

In this episode, we talk about building wealth. We’re surrounded by media & people who think “scarcity” when it comes to money — so how do you think abundantly? What steps can you take today to change that? We share our “Money Date” formula – what they are, how to do them, and why we do them. 

And someone please tell Scott what that 90% showing up quote is – he’s dying to know! 🙂 

 Resources from this Episode:

  • Mint (expense tracking) 
  • Tangerine — Many people have asked us which bank we use. Tangerine is an online bank which means no monthly account fees, which means a happy Jordyn. We love naming our accounts too (ie. “Wedding Fund” is one of our joint accounts). If you’re thinking of joining Tangerine, you can use Jordyn’s Orange Key (45300867S1) to receive $50 when you sign up — full disclosure, we’ll receive $50 as well if you choose Tangerine using our code. 

People Mentioned:

  • Kate Northrup — creator of “Money Dates” & popularized the Value exercise 

Where you can listen: 

We want to know: 

  • What money tips do you have for us?
  • Did you try writing your Money Story from last week’s episode?
  • Are you an “ostrich” like Jordyn was when it comes to money?
Let us know in the comments below!