Becoming an entrepreneur again


Do you ever go in-and-out of mindsets? One year you're all about living free, the next it's all about the steady job, and then you go back... and forth. I do.

It might be the side effects of growing, changing, living... but it sure can be frustrating.

For the past year, I've taken on the risk-averse mindset. After being parented by entrepreneurs and starting up a few companies in my teens, I eventually got sucked in to the "get-a-job-live-a-good-life-in-your-nice-house" mentality. It was a gradual slip up. One by one, I let go of my inspirational videos, tech blogs, self-development books. I'm trying to figure out why and how that happened.


So, it's time to investigate - what came into my life this past year that could have changed me so drastically? Business school, debt from business school, and pressure to find a job [Note: a lot of good things came into my life too, these are just some guesses].

Business school has been a great challenge for me. Going into business school, I was certain that two years later, when I emerged with my shiny new degree, I emerge a fully fledged entrepreneur as well. I also expected the halls to be packed with future entrepreneurs who were bouncing off the walls, just like me. What I found was much different. IBankers? Consultants? I'd [embarrassingly] never heard of these professions before business school. Now, I can tell you the top North American consulting firms off the top of my head.

Before business school, I thought I could do anything. Being "realistic" wasn't an option, because the world was so full of opportunity. Now, risks stamp themselves on all these opportunities. Red light, red light! It's a risk! What are we going to do to mitigate this? There are too many risks, too many competitors, we can't do this! Although naivety may be dangerous, I think coming from a place of scarcity rather than a place of abundance is more dangerous. This curse, it's one that I have to break now.


Beyond finding someone or something to blame, I know now that I have to change this mindset. I want to be approaching things from a place of abundance now.

Today, I took my first steps.

  1. Realization: After having a challenging phone conversation with a very entrepreneurial lady, I realized I'd lost myself.
  2. Inspiration: After realizing this, I panicked and found the best inspirational video I used to listen to. It opened my mind and sparked some old thoughts that had gone to rest.
  3. Hope: After re-inviting this mindset with some inspiration, I'm not sure what to do next. But, in the meantime, I have hope that I will regain my drive.


In hopes that someone will connect with this feeling, I am sharing my thoughts with the world.

Please, if you're feeling this way or have in the past, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on how you revitalized your drive. Tell me below!