When you're grateful, there's no room to wish things were different


On my way to Scott's the other day, I drove over this huge hill. He lives smack dab in the middle of nature - on a lake, with bushes and bears galore (that's Northern Ontario for you). As I drove over the peak of this hill, all I could see beyond the road were these trees. Thousands of them, with their multi-coloured leaves greying as though mimicking the sky. Their limbs were ghostly, fading into the days of fall.

At first, I thought wow. How sad would it be to be one of those trees? 

They're dying.

All of them.

They do this every year.

And yet, they were beautiful. They were dying, but beautiful... that's a hard thing to accept.

They way I accept it, though, is to feel grateful for it - for their beauty, for that moment. When you are grateful, there is no room to wish things were different. 

It reminds me of Joseph Campbell's prompt...

Joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world.

Choose to do that, and I think your life becomes fuller.

So, start accepting the beauty in life


you can really find beauty in anything, that part's simple. I think the challenge, though, is accepting that beauty.

that leaf right there - it's decomposing. it will never be here, on this earth, again. not in the same form.

but, that's beautiful.