The story behind the weaving kits

When I started weaving, I had such a strong desire to just finish a damn wall hanging.

There was free info on YouTube, paid info on courses, and so. many. looms. Looms of all shapes and sizes. Looms that were $20 and looms that were $200.

I didn’t know where to begin and I didn’t want to spend a fortune just to try this out.

So, I drove myself to Home Depot and bought nails to make a DIY loom out of a canvas frame. It was cheap & not totally ideal, but it worked. I bought a course online (hey Hello Hydrangea) to teach me the basics, and stumbled along on my own as I inched my way closer and closer to a finished wall hanging.

Within a week, I finished my first-ever wall hanging! It looked like this:

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 5.38.03 PM.png

It was warped and uneven and messy at the back. But I didn't care. I made it and I was so proud of myself (plus in love with the weaving process).

Since then, I’ve developed a weaving practice -- it's become part of my business. I've done commissioned projects, sold pieces at markets and local shops, and made pieces for my own house. I've made over 50 wall hangings in just one year.

I’m just starting to teach weaving this summer, and want to offer beginners a kit that includes all they need to get started. These kits are an effort to make the learning process simpler for beginners (it'll still be messy, but that's part of the fun, I promise).

What’s in the kit + why it’s designed the way it is

(Above) Photo of the second iteration of the loom design

(Above) Photo of the second iteration of the loom design

These kits are designed for beginners. In the design process, I made sure the kits were designed (1) to grow with the weaver (2) to travel easily (3) locally + as sustainably as possible.

It will grow with you

The loom is designed to fit your needs as you progress. There are plenty of “pegs” on the loom -- this means you have the option of weaving in high detail or low detail. When I was a beginner, I just wanted to finish a darn wall hanging so I knew I could do it. I’ve built in the option of having less warp threads on this loom so you can finish your first one quickly! :)  Once you get the “hang” of things (hehe), you also have the option of experimenting with higher detail patterns and techniques.

Take it anywhere

The loom’s designed to lay flat, so it’s easy to bring with you in your backpack, purse, or tote. It’s made out of MDF* which means it’s super light and durable. It’s also lap-sized (hello weaving on the beach, in the woods, in cafes...) and comes with a handsewn travel bag.

* We tested birch before we chose MDF, and while it looked extra beautiful, it splintered within the first hour of weaving. Durability is important to us, and MDF provides that.

Locally made

The loom, comb & heddle bar are lasercut by a local artisan in North Bay, ON. The booklet’s printed at a local Sudbury, ON print shop.

Sustainably packaged

The entire kit comes in a handsewn bag made out of upcycled fabric. We use whatever fabric is available, which means your bag colour will be a surprise!


“Weaving 101: Tips + Tricks for Beginners”  -- With your kit, you’ll receive a 20+ page booklet full of tips & tricks from me that I picked up in my first year of weaving professionally.

Thank you to everyone who's ordered so far! I love sharing creations with y'all. I just added Free Shipping for all you Canadian customers, plus a free local pickup option for those of you living in Sudbury, ON.

Thank you :)