"Respect This House" - A Piece on Body Ownership

Why do you get to tell me your opinion on what I eat? On what my body consumes, intuitively, knowing what feels good to ME.

Who says YOU get to be the ultimate authority? I live here. I live in this body.

You must stop.

Your opinion of what I eat, of how I look, of the weight I've lost or gained...

It is unwelcome in this house.

Take a step back and see that this house is not your own. Whose name is on the door? Whose eyes watch over it and open the curtains each morning?

Mine. Not Yours.

See the doorstep? Take your shoes off before entering. Ask permission to use such a tone. Respect the ownership of this structure.

Otherwise, leave now. Off and away from this house which only welcomes the most gracious of guests. Only the most gracious for a house made of light and rose petals, of soil and thorns.

Respect this house.