"I Should Be Doing More" and other lies we tell ourselves

Today, things didn't get done the way I'd hoped. It was one of those days where I just felt like *doing nothing*.

I noticed the self-judgement
all day long
in the back of my mind...

Why aren't you doing more? 
You should be doing more

You should be sending emails, 
not sitting outside on your deck

You should be weaving a new piece,
not leisurely making your breakfast

When the "should's" come up, that's a sign to pay attention to your body -- how it's feeling. Because the "should's" don't come from inside -- they come from outside, the part of us that wants to fit in and please other people.

For me, today, this part of me wanted to be seen as "doing enough". And boy was it frustrated when I didn't give in to its nonstop criticism.

On days like today, this is what works for me:

🌺Slow down to speed up
My body wanted to do nothing today for a reason. My job is to trust that it knows what's up. So I slow right down & give it space to speak up. Turns out, when I slowed down, some massive fear about an upcoming appointment surfaced that needed to be tended to.

🌺Be nice to myself on purpose
"You're doing the best you can", "I'm doing enough just by being here on this earth", and things of that nature are what I tell myself on repeat. Put the diffuser on, burn some incense, eat a treat, wear clothes that feel good... tonight I went as far as taking myself on a date! Thanking myself for listening to my body and trusting it today.

🌺Remind myself that trust takes time
That's pretty much it for this one, self-explanatory.

You can have a day where you don't do much! Trust that there's more than meets the eye. The surface of the water only shows ripples, but there's a deep current pushing underneath.

❤️ happy august folks! How will you support yourself this week?