What counts as work?

What counts as "work" to you?

Does it have to traditionally earn people money? 
Does it have to be "capitalism-approved"? 
Does it have to make you feel a certain way (lighter & free-er, or like a struggle)? 
Does it have to be something you can call a "job"?

Expanding my definition of work is freeing. Seeing art as a legitimate profession is freeing because it's a part of who I am. Me spending time working on art is just as legitimate as a lawyer litigating.

Those things are both legitimate forms of work.

And pushing it even further... so is letting yourself cry. That's what we call emotional labour.

So is making dinner for yourself and your family. That's *often* invisible not-capitalism-approved labour.

So what do you allow into your definition of work?

If you expanded it, I bet you'd see the truth: That you're already doing enough.