Moving through the Guilt of being an Artist

Being an artist and choosing to spend my time creating art feels good -- really good -- yet I feel guilty sharing that joy. AND I feel guilty sharing the difficult parts.

There are parts of my life creating art that are difficult but sharing them feels wrong because I feel like I already have it so good. That people will judge me for sharing my struggles.

There are hard parts to every occupation / life choice (ie. being a mom, being an artist), and choosing to share those parts of your life is empowering.

💛Empowering to yourself because you’re accepting that part of you. 
💛Empowering to others who are dealing with the same issues. Showing them it’s not wrong to feel the way they do. They aren’t alone.

AND, in fact, feeling those difficult feelings is necessary. It doesn’t have to mean “dwelling” on them, but FEELING them. Letting them move through you. That is fucking necessary.

So... here's a picture of me happy beyond words:


💕I'm on Manitoulin Island (my fave place ever)
😋It's a Wednesday ("work day") and I'm wearing sweatpants, not giving a fuck about how I look. 
🎄I've spent the whole day weaving pine trees and taking reference photos for future pieces
💁‍♀️ My sister's taking the picture and we've been driving all day together dreaming of owning goat sanctuaries and talking about life

And this is what my "work day" looks like.

It looks amazing because it is most of the time, and some of the time it's not. And that's my choice. Now, go live your life how you choose.