Sit with yourself, be with yourself - a daily practice

When we sit down to connect with ourselves -- our TRUE selves -- each day, we give breath to our soul.

It's like your blood running through your veins.

The past few weeks, I've been taking time each day to just sit on my back deck. Just sit. I bring my tarot cards, journal, many moons workbook, "the alchemist", and a pen. Sometimes tea. And I sit.

Somedays I only sit. I watch the trees move, I feel the wind on my face. I sip my tea.

Somedays I read a whole entry of my workbook. 
Somedays I pull a whole tarot spread and do some journalling afterwards. 
Sometimes I write 10 pages on what my life's been like lately and try connecting with my intuition on paper.

And somedays I just sit.

And this is my practice for connecting with my soul. This is my fuck you to a society that says I have to buy this or that to feel whole. All I have to do is sit.**

(**now obviously I say "all I have to do" but I experience some real resistance to "just sitting" -- when you're not used to being alone with yourself, and you're used to being productive/busy all the time, this can be real uncomfortable at first)