Sensitivity is Strength - A message to all the highly sensitive people

Being a sensitive person means I take extra extra care for myself. This means lots of sleep, alone time, and reflection. To MANY people, this looks crazy.

I've heard plenty of "advice" about my affliction of being "too sensitive"... 
- "just push through", 
- "you need to toughen up", 
- "the real world doesn't make room for sensitive people like you."

To that I say = fuck no. I don't need to toughen up. Yes, I'm soft as hell and it's my biggest strength.

I used to think there was something wrong with me for being so sensitive. For crying at movie trailers, having nightmares for months after watching horror movies, needing hours of alone time away from other people.

These are traits of highly sensitive people. 15-20% of the population is this way, and unfortunately we're looked upon as weak.

We're the opposite. Holding space for others takes CRAZY amounts of strength and courage. My vulnerability, sensitivity, and empathy can be called "soft skills", sure, but they aren't weak. Being soft is hard work.

If you're one of these people, let yourself be this way -- embrace your sensitivity, and know that there's nothing wrong with you for being that way. If you're a parent / sibling / friend of a person like this -- recognize that *being sensitive is a superpower* AND that everyone's not like you. Let that person shine the way they know how, and in the way that feels good for them.