Your Invitation to Rest this Winter

It’s hard to rest when everyone around you is hustling. Selling their wares before the holiday season’s over, doing last-minute sales, and pushing to finish the year’s work before 2019 hits.

It’s hard to rest when you think you have to be working hard. 

It’s hard to rest when literally everyone else is doing the opposite. Or so it seems. 

Yet, rest is vital and that’s what winter’s all about.

That’s what gives these months of darkness a beautiful purpose, a method to the madness. A call to go inward. A call to retreat from screens and content and the busyness of your external everyday life. 

A call to reset our nervous systems, to nourish our bodies, to reconnect with our spirits.

Most of us don’t answer that call. 

Most of us resist the call to rest. 

It’s not stimulating enough to sit still.

It’s not exciting enough to just lay there watching your dog eat a bone. 

It’s not distracting enough to stare aimlessly at the steam rising from your tea mug. 

It’s not productive enough to lay in bed with a heating pad journalling and pulling tarot cards all afternoon. 

You may be hearing that call — the one that says to take less hours at work, go into the forest while it’s light out, and stare at a candle as it burns. 

Your rational mind tells you no: Where’s the money, sensibility, responsibility, hustle, work ethic in that? 

This is why rest is daring. Rest is daring, people. It’s a radical thing to dare to rest when the people surrounding you are hustling. 


I’ll be in the woods, crunching snow down with my boots, breathing in the winter winds, and shaking hands with the birch trees. 

I hope to see you there.