Creating 101: Your Job is Creating the Container

Getting things done as an artist is hard. Showing up without attachment to what the outcome will be. Giving yourself that container to play in, not knowing what will come of it, not judging what you make!

Not judging what you create.

It is not your job to judge what you make.

It is your job to show up and make it.

It is your job to create the container for yourself to make in.

What does that container look like?

For me, it’s candles, incense, herbal tea, a clean desk, and a full stomach with a snack waiting in the fridge.

For me, it’s knowing I can make whatever I’m making and it doesn’t have to be any good, really. Someone else can be the judge of that. It’s giving myself permission to show up imperfectly and just try.

For me, it’s paying attention enough to my body while I’m working, creating, making, to give myself breaks. That’s part of the container. Breaks. Because beginning without knowing you’ll have a break is exhausting, is depleting, is discouraging, is adrenal fatigue.

Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion, burnout, whatever you want to call it, is not your job.

It is not part of your job to fall on your face after hours of working, crying tears of too much, not enough, and help-me-my-eyes-are-burning. It is not part of your job to work beyond your soul’s desire, to hustle hustle hustle, draining the life blood from your eye sockets.

Your job is to keep yourself nourished. 
Your job is to sustain your humanity while working. 
Your job is to show the heck up, yes, and then go into rest and recovery when it’s time.
Your job is to pay attention so you know when it’s time.

That is your job.