Tending to your need to just be

Tending to your need to just be -- it’s something we don’t give ourselves often. We see it as a luxury, being without doing. We see it as “unproductive”, our chest and jaw tightening at the thought of our worth, our money-making time, decreasing.

Yet magic happens when we “just be”. When we tend to our souls, feed it what it desires. The energy of doing, of constantly moving, being seen -- that’s the energy of the Sun. It has a daily cycle, and we do all of our daily sun-like activities: shower, make the bed, drive to work… do do do do.

There is nothing wrong with this energy. Our society values it most, and has for a lonnnng time being the patriarchal system we live our lives within.

Yet our soul craves the being.

Tend to your need to just be. It is a NEED, not a want or a luxury.

I’d love to hear: how you tend to this need in your life? Yesterday, for me, it was curling up in a blanket on the couch, getting to know my tarot deck and reading “Women who run with the wolves”. Just being.