2018: The Year I Let Tarot Guide My Life & Business Reflections

Two of Pentacles

Tarot feels intimidating to me.

I have The Wild Unknown deck - it caught my eye and felt approachable when I picked it up at Moonshine Juicery in Waterloo. I dance with it, give myself readings every month or so, feel the cards, read the guide book. Lindsay Mack's podcast (Tarot for the Wild Soul) has helped guide me through interpreting these cards, too. 

I have a longing to learn more. In the small amount of time I've played with my tarot deck, I've accessed insights that would've been left uncovered.

That beautiful connection to my inner voice - I want to strengthen it. It has power, that voice, and it can guide me gracefully. So in honour of 2018, (the year of the high priestess as Lindsay Mack likes to call it), I'm surrendering my reflection space to this divinely feminine practice. 

I'm giving myself space to listen. 

And to play! Because tarot is fun for me, and I love learning. 

Lighting a candle, burning incense, sitting on the ground, and pulling a tarot card. 

Before I begin, I'm thanking Maggie Gentry for sharing her monthly reflection practice on her blog. It's inspired me to begin this (and you can find it here). 

Now, let's get started. Sit, pull a card, listen...

My card for February: Two of Pentacles 

"The Two of Pentacles signifies inevitable change. Even if you fear this change, it needs to happen and it might even be fun. Face it with the grace of a newly formed butterfly... a world of possibilities balanced upon your delicate wings." - The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook

This card represents balance and change while juggling opposing desires and interests. It demonstrates the necessity for managing your time wisely and prioritizing the things that matter most, even during the most uncertain of times. Because life will always be uncertain, but if we can maintain the tasks that keep us centred, we'll have more capacity to deal with those changes and uncertainties that are inevitably part of our path. 

I've been feeling uncertain - in my life, business, work, everything. And I've been feeling resistance to that uncertainty. 

Like I should know, I should know what to do next. 

But I don't know what to do next. 

And this message came loud & clear to me this morning: 

Show up for the things that matter. Your vital few. 

On The Kate & Mike Show, Gabby Bernstein shared that during uncertain times, you can show up for the things that matter. Your vital few.

The practices that are trialled and true for me, that only I can do. 

The rituals that renew, center, and nourish my soul. 

The. vital. few. 

For February, I'm asking: What are my "vital few"? What are the things I LOVE doing, that center me, ground me in my daily life? What are the things that only I can show up for, that only I can contribute? 

For me, it's things like: 

  • Taking care of my basic human needs - eat a nourishing breakfast, drink my water with zinc & magnesium, shower when I feel like showering.
  • Practicing active rest - instead of numbing myself with Instagram scrolling, try journalling in bed. Lighting a candle. Giving myself a tarot reading. Stretching alongside Yoga with Adriene. Taking myself for a walk. Reading a book. 
  • Exploring new ways to rest - like listening to a playlist with my eyes closed, or playing with chalk art.
  • Practicing my craft - taking an online course for lettering, and recording podcasts on the regular.

My medicine for February is do these things. Show up for these things. And enjoy them, too, because while they're not my "next steps" or the quarterly business plans I'm longing for, I know deep down that these too are part of the process.

These, too, are steps to be enjoyed. 

They aren't shiny, they aren't revolutionary, but they're here right now. So, I'm giving myself permission to relax into these tasks. Know them, and show up for them. 

Wishing you all the best for this upcoming month! Take care of you, and feel free to reach out if you're interested in starting a self-care practice around tarot.